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via wwalnuts, the revolutionary postal-book project of Takashi Hiraide, the author of The Guest Cat and For the Fighting Spirit of the Walnut.

As a poet and a critic Takashi Hiraide has published numerous books of poetry as well as several books of hybrid literary form. He is also working for design and photography as a book artist especially for this via wwalnuts.
These books in a letter style are sent to readers by their choice of postal or pure.
The form of postal is originally designed and the postage is free to all over the world except Antarctica. takashihiraide.comLimited 777copies / Price ¥777
You could purchase postal via wwalnuts
only at this Cart by takaramahaya
平出隆は詩人・批評家として数々の詩書のほか、文学の形式を意識的に混淆させた散文作品をも刊行。また、自身のデザインや写真によるアートブックの制作も書くことと一体化させて行なう。《via wwalnuts 叢書》がそれ。
photo by takaramahaya

«ドゥイノ・エレギー 第3歌»
古井由吉 訳+平出隆 改行


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«ドゥイノ・エレギー 第2歌»

古井由吉 訳+平出隆 改行 港千尋 写真
June, 2016